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Solareum Update Series

What Is New - What Is Next



Solareum Update Series

What Is New - What Is Next



Solareum Update Series

What Is New - What Is Next



Solareum Update Series

What Is New - What Is Next



Hello Solareum Community!

It’s been a while since we last caught up here, and we’ve been incredibly busy behind the scenes. Today, we’re back with a treasure trove of updates from our latest adventures! In this blog, we’ll start with some exciting news and build up to major reveals. From a sleek new homepage and dashboard design to on-chain data management, there’s a lot to share. Plus, we’ll share insights from Consensus 2024 and our future plans.

Get ready to dive into the latest from Solareum, where we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the Web3 and renewable energy spaces.

Solareum’s New Homepage Design

Recognizing that the homepage is the first touchpoint for many—future Solareum users, crypto enthusiasts, and partners alike—we’ve made significant enhancements to align with our new design direction. Our redesigned website is tailored to appeal to a broad audience beyond the crypto community, featuring a clean, modern aesthetic that has been widely appreciated.

On this new and sleek homepage, users won’t have to hunt for information. Instead, they’ll feel as comfortable as if they were at home, navigating through a familiar and user-friendly interface. Whether you’re a seasoned crypto enthusiast or new to the world of Web3, our homepage is designed to make your experience seamless and enjoyable.

Solareum’s SaaS and Dashboard Sneak Peek

Solareum’s SaaS

We’re thrilled to introduce our new SaaS model for accessing on-chain data. Whether you’re an individual with a solar installation, a government entity, or a company, you’ll gain comprehensive access to your data or your entire customer base through our platform. This service operates on a tier-based system, offering varying levels of data to match the diverse needs of our users.

Solareum users can access personal, neighborhood, city, or country data. You might want to see generation and consumption data for a specific geography, and certain tiers will allow you to do this. Meanwhile, corporate-level users might need detailed insights such as battery storage, consumption, generation, and GPS coordinates, which we can potentially store on the blockchain. Our flexible subscription tiers are designed to cater to every need, from local data to expansive geographical insights.

Solareum Dashboard

Access to such valuable data in a completely transparent way is incredibly exciting, but raw numbers alone don’t meet our standards of accessibility and user experience. Therefore, we have invested significant effort into developing our dashboard to ensure it embodies our branding approach. Solareum users will see data transformed into visual graphs and easy-to-understand numbers. For those who prefer a deeper dive, our explorer will be available. However, if users choose not to use the explorer, they won’t lose any value.

To share our excitement and highlight the serious potential of this interface, we released an in-depth video of our dashboard, which has been met with tremendous enthusiasm. This sneak peek isn’t just a flashy mockup—it’s a genuine preview of what’s to come, with the final product closely mirroring what you see, save for some minor tweaks. The dashboard offers powerful capabilities like data aggregation, frequency tracking, and configuration, marking a significant leap forward for Solareum.

The power of blockchain, seamlessly working in the background, is enormous. The dashboard will serve as the gateway for the validators to maximize the use of our ecosystem, enabling users to do everything they need within the Solareum platform. This represents a new level of data storage in the renewable energy space, serving our vision of bringing value to not just Web3 users but to anyone generating green energy, from government entities to individuals with solar panels on their roofs.

In this spirit, we designed our dashboard to be as inclusive, accessible, and user-friendly as possible. With our new design approach, Solareum’s dashboard becomes a one-click gateway into the rewarding world of Web3 without needing to understand the Web3 complexities. We firmly believe this visionary approach gives us a strong competitive edge. By rewarding users for their generation efforts without requiring extra actions, Solareum effectively eliminates the barriers of being a validator for blockchain technology.

Our dashboard will be available around the same time as the release of our layer 1 blockchain. We are committed to launching a fully functional product from day one, with all essential features ready. After the initial release, we will continue to develop and add features to meet user demands.

API Integration

Building on our commitment to innovation, we’re thrilled to share some exciting developments in our API integration and partnerships. Our approach to bringing renewable energy data on-chain leverages the unique capabilities of various vendors, ensuring we provide the most robust and comprehensive data solutions available. 

Currently, we’re utilizing Tesla Powerwall to power our testnet and mainnet. We’re also exploring alternative APIs that promise to be much more robust, allowing us to put far more data on-chain than we originally anticipated. We’ve definitely struck gold on the data front, having promising talks with different API providers that enable us to offer a diverse range of data sets.

Our goal is to deliver something unprecedented to the industry: immutable data that can be geography-based, customer-based, device-based, and much more. By discovering and leveraging a variety of APIs, Solareum will meet diverse needs and tiers of on-chain data management, bringing unparalleled value and innovation to both the renewable energy sector and the Web3 space.

A New On-chain Data Milestone for Solareum

As the world’s first layer 1 blockchain entirely powered by renewable energy, Solareum continues to push the boundaries of innovation in sustainable technology. We’re proud to announce the successful integration of on-chain data management into our testnet. This milestone marks a pivotal step forward for Solareum and sets a solid groundwork for future growth and scalability.

Integrating such data into the blockchain ensures it is immutable and tamper-proof, which is vital in today’s environment for maintaining data integrity and security. This level of protection is especially important in an era of data scandals. It ensures that every unit of renewable energy produced is securely captured and transparently recorded, enhancing both the reliability and positive ecological footprint of our network.

The current integration utilizes Tesla Powerwall, which has some sensitive information, such as GPS coordinates, hidden for security purposes. Our data management system encompasses a wide range of data sets, including generation, consumption, battery storage, GPS, addresses, contact information, and potentially many more, as each API offers unique data sets.

Thanks to our dashboard, users will access and manage such data seamlessly. Our approach ensures that there are no setbacks in terms of usability and accessibility. This integration signifies a major leap forward in providing secure, reliable, and comprehensive data management solutions for our community.

Solareum’s Growing Partnerships

Our partnerships go beyond API service providers, and we’re proudly building strong relationships that we will uncover in the near future. One of the main forces behind our rapidly growing partnerships is the fact that we are not here to disrupt but to provide added value to everyone—individuals, businesses, and governments—by integrating Solareum as a crucial piece of the puzzle.

What is more, while our sales strategy is not strictly B2B, we are seizing valuable opportunities to partner with installers and distributors. This approach accelerates our distribution process and lightens the load on our team. These partnerships have significantly expedited our technology development and will influence our selection of supported APIs from day one.

Furthermore, while our sales strategy is not strictly B2B, we are seizing valuable opportunities to partner with installers and distributors. These partnerships will accelerate our distribution process, expedite our technology development, and will influence our selection of supported APIs from day one. 

We’re excited to announce upcoming partnerships starting in the following weeks, with several more nearing finalization. Stay tuned for more updates on how these collaborations will enhance our offerings and extend Solareum’s reach.

Community Update and AMA Highlights

Understanding the importance of keeping our community in the loop, we recently hosted an engaging AMA session that attracted over 600 participants and lasted nearly an hour and a half. This event provided a fantastic platform to share our latest achievements, answer questions, and connect directly with our community. We covered a wide range of topics, from our recent advancements to our future plans, and we were thrilled to see the overwhelmingly positive feedback.

During the AMA, we delved deep into the details of our new dashboard, explored the implications of our on-chain data management integration, and highlighted our upcoming plans and partnerships. The enthusiasm and insightful questions from our community confirmed that we’re on the right track and offered valuable perspectives for our journey ahead.

You can find the full AMA session by clicking here.

While the AMA was in full swing, our team was operating on multiple fronts. David Donovan, our COO/CTO, was in Philadelphia to participate in key environmental events, ensuring that Solareum stays at the forefront of sustainability discussions. Simultaneously, Josh L’Heureux, Vice President - Strategy, attended Consensus 2024. There, they represented Solareum and forged crucial partnerships at the most significant Web3 event in the US this year. Keep reading to discover the exciting adventures and opportunities we encountered at Consensus below.

Consensus 2024 Recap

We’re thrilled to share that Solareum attended Consensus 2024, bringing together crypto enthusiasts, lawyers, innovators, and everyone passionate about the Web3 space. Our team was there to proudly represent the Solareum brand and build pivotal partnerships in preparation for our mainnet launch. Even before hosting our AMA on the first day, we had already engaged in several crucial conversations with key individuals who could provide the support that Solareum deserves and requires.

Our conversations spanned a wide range of representatives, including those from wallet protocols, liquidity providers, swaps, DEXes, bridges, payment processing platforms, on and off-ramps, Web3-based social media applications, market makers, exchanges, and many more. Additionally, we had the chance to speak with numerous venture capital firms and hedge funds from around the world. Many showed great interest in Solareum, particularly those with a focus on ESG compliance.

Watching presentations from other projects underscored Solareum’s preparedness for the future. Moving forward, the Solareum team is excited to continue this momentum by attending more Web3 conferences, as well as renewable energy conferences worldwide. Keep an eye out over the summer to discover our next destinations and the exciting developments we have in store.


We’re pleased to report that we are on track with our timeline. Our community can expect a new partnership update in the coming weeks, the release of our mainnet and dashboard in the following months, and many more. Additionally, there will be more updates about the Solareum Foundation in the near future to allow Solareum and our community to accelerate a better future.

What is more, even though engaging with governments wasn’t a priority for us, we were pleasantly surprised when two countries and many corporations reached out to us. The global interest in Solareum is heartening. We are grateful for the world’s acceptance and prioritization of ESG compliance, and we are committed to contributing to this global goal alongside governments, businesses, crypto enthusiasts, and individuals.

At Solareum, we believe our success lies in the passion and dedication of our team. We love what we do and are proud to be building a better future. We’re immensely grateful to our team members who are committed to achieving Solareum’s vision. We see the same passion and support from our community and are thankful for everyone who has been part of Solareum’s progress. Our aim is to provide value for all, and we’ll keep working towards this goal.