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Solareum Labs

Solareum Labs™ Unveils Its EVM Layer 1 Testnet Onboarding Initiative


Solareum Labs

Solareum Labs™ Unveils Its EVM Layer 1 Testnet Onboarding Initiative


Solareum Labs

Solareum Labs™ Unveils Its EVM Layer 1 Testnet Onboarding Initiative


Solareum Labs

Solareum Labs™ Unveils Its EVM Layer 1 Testnet Onboarding Initiative


First off, we are excited to announce the expansion of Solareum Inc. with the introduction of SOLAREUM LABS!

SOLAREUM LABS will now play a pivotal role in driving innovation, conducting research, and advancing technology within the Solareum Inc. ecosystem. This strategically planned move allows us to better manage risks, allocate resources efficiently, and maintain a clear distinction between our currently planned technology & services, in addition to our pioneering innovations & ventures.

 The addition of SOLAREUM LABS empowers us with enhanced technological capabilities while maintaining the core values of Solareum Inc. and The Solareum Foundation Inc.. We look forward to the exciting possibilities this expansion will bring as we continue to lead the way in sustainable blockchain solutions. Keep an eye open for the Solareum Labs Website, launching in Q2.



We are thrilled to officially invite developers from all corners of the crypto universe to join us on this exciting journey. Effective immediately our Layer 1, EVM, Testnet is live and we are now ready to start onboarding developers looking to utilize our ground-breaking blockchain technology & Renewable Energy solutions.

The core team, along with our developers have been hard at work, and we are now ready to take the next big step in bringing our vision to life by empowering the blockchain industry with a truly green blockchain experience. Our EVM Layer 1 testnet is the foundation upon which we will build a decentralized future that's eco-friendly, significantly green, scalable, and positioned to revolutionize the industry. But we can't do it alone, and that's where you come in.


Talented and passionate developers who are eager to utilize innovative technology and explore new horizons to help us shape the future of blockchain & Renewable Energy are encouraged to apply. Here's your chance to get in on the ground floor with an innovative company, with tremendous potential to change blockchain as we know it today.


We understand that your time and expertise are valuable, there are many development opportunities, which is why we're offering some compelling incentives to join our unique program:

For those who are part of our Developer program:

You will be eligible to launch your application(s) on Mainnet day

1. All others will have to wait for the public mainnet accessibility which will come some weeks after.

2. You will qualify for some enticing ETH bonuses for your exceptional application development. These incentives will be powered by the ERC-20 taxes from $SRM. Your innovation is our investment! Details to follow ....

3.You will be eligible for the Layer 1 Mainnet Solareum Labs Liquidity Subsidy Program (Details to follow prior to Mainnet launch)

4.Exclusive Access to the Testnet: Once approved, you'll gain instant access to the Solareum Layer 1 testnet, where you can start building, experimenting, and innovating right away. We will supply the Chain ID, RPC url & tSRM Faucet url info to you immediately. This is your chance to be among the first to explore and harness the power of Solareum's cutting-edge technology. NOTE: Developer access to the Testnet is only available through this onboarding program.

5.Mainnet Deployment Acceleration: The stakes are high, and we're only selecting developers (through review & audits) who truly shine during the testnet phase for the EVM Layer 1 mainnet initial deployment. Imagine being at the forefront of a revolutionary blockchain platform, leaving your mark on the industry, and shaping the future of blockchain and renewable energy!

6.Exclusive Access to the Solareum Developers Discord group: There will be an invite only developer group in our Solareum Discord where you will be able to ask questions of our core team, development team, Print, collaborate with other developers, get additional information from the team not publicly accessible, etc …

 Applications for the Solareum Labs onboarding program will only be accepted from: January 15th – March 1st, 2024 To embark on this exciting journey with us, follow these simple steps:

 1.Apply Now: Visit our application and fill out the form within the next two weeks. We're looking for developers with a passion for innovation, a strong track record, and a hunger for pushing the boundaries of what blockchain can achieve, especially in the Renewable Energy field.

2.Get Approved: Our core team & developers will review your application and select the most promising candidates. If you're approved, you'll receive the Chain ID, RPC url & tSRM Faucet url info immediately and you can begin to innovate.

3.Start Building: Once you're in, it's time to dive headfirst into our Layer 1, EVM, testnet. Experiment, create, and collaborate with like-minded developers as you explore the endless possibilities of Solareum.


For anyone who wants to poke around publicly on Testnet, you can visit the Solareum Testnet Explorer now !

Additionally, the Public launch of Solareum Mainnet is on the horizon! While we can't provide you with a precise date just yet, rest assured that we're diligently working behind the scenes to ensure a seamless, secure and remarkable public launch. Stay tuned for updates as we approach the exciting day when Solareum's EVM Layer 1 Mainnet becomes a reality!


We are excited to announce our amazing partnership with PRINT MINING.

You may have noticed that I previously mentioned an exciting partnership, which has provided us with a unique opportunity to tap into an established renewable infrastructure. In fact, Solareum's Layer 1 Testnet is currently harnessing the power of two Print Mining nodes, supported by Tesla Powerwalls, serving as PoG validators.

Print Mining uses Real World Assets (RWA) to mine cryptocurrency. Their Decentralized Physical Infrastructure comes in the form of CPU miners which offers versatility in how it can be utilized on various blockchain networks to provide value to their community (#DePIN).

 Print Mining is already assisting in the development and operation of the Solareum Testnet and Mainnet through the use of both their developers as well as their significant hardware infrastructure they already have in place.

 Print Mining will be the Solareum PoG genesis validators of the mining protocol that secures the Solareum network. The Solareum Testnet is already utilizing two Print Mining nodes (Tesla Powerwalls) as previously mentioned. The Solareum Mainnet will initially launch with three Print Mining nodes and rapidly advance beyond this with additional renewable energy nodes being onboarded.

 There is strong synergy between both projects as Print Mining leverages significant renewable energy solutions today, and Solareum Inc. now has access to Prints decentralized physical infrastructure network.

If we could name our Genesis block like a child, it would be PRINT ! Follow Print today on X


Solareum Inc. has come a long way since ERC-20 launch day on April 25th. The team is very proud of what we has accomplished in this short but incredibly productive 10 months.

Our journey so far is a testament to the Core team's unwavering dedication and fervent passion. The team has demonstrated a tremendous amount of transparency, honesty and have simply tried to show crypto a good side away from all the scammy activity we are so familiar with. We're just at the beginning of an extraordinary path. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has been part of this journey, and a warm welcome to those about to embark with us towards a brighter, sustainable future.

Each contribution, big or small, is a vital spark that drives our team to relentlessly pursue what is best for all involved. This commitment to our collective well-being is more than just a goal – it's the very essence of our team's spirit. If we can leave this world just a bit greener than it is today for our children, then Solareum has done something very special and we leave a very positive mark on society.

The future of blockchain technology is brighter than ever, and Solareum Inc. is leading the way with our EVM compatible Layer 1 testnet launch. We invite developers from across the globe to be a part of this incredible journey and help us shape the decentralized world of tomorrow. Our extreme focus on Renewable Energy opens the doors to a new era in blockchain. We are excited to be at the leading edge of the technological possibilities this brings and look forward to pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to make history, gain invaluable experience, and be a part of something truly revolutionary. Apply now, and let's build the future of blockchain together! Solareum is your ticket to a brighter, greener, and more decentralized world.