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CORPORATE INSIGHT: - The Latest from Solareum™ Inc.



CORPORATE INSIGHT: - The Latest from Solareum™ Inc.



CORPORATE INSIGHT: - The Latest from Solareum™ Inc.



CORPORATE INSIGHT: - The Latest from Solareum™ Inc.


Hello Solareum Gang,

What a month it has been! We're excited to provide you with the latest updates and exciting news from the world of Solareum, as we have not paused for a second. January has been a month filled with significant milestones and new partnerships that will undoubtedly shape our journey ahead. Over and above that (and MOST importantly) our Layer 1, EVM, blockchain(s) are alive, running and performing VERY well.

Current $SRM Holders: 1606

Twitter Followers: 8638

Telegram Community: 2461

Market Cap: $8,267,187.76 usd

Locked Liquidity: $844,650.00 usd

January 5th: Patent of PoG Mechanism in North America Officially Pending
Proof of Generation (PoG) & Proof of Hold (PoH)

One of the highlights of the month was the submission of our patent application for our Proof of Generation (PoG) & Proof of Hold (PoH) technologies in North America. This innovative approach to blockchain technology will revolutionize the way we verify and reward environmentally friendly actions. We look forward to the official approvals of our pending patent.

January 3rd: Incorporation of The Solareum Foundation Inc. in Canada

The Solareum Foundation Inc. has been officially incorporated in Canada. This step is a testament to our commitment to growing and expanding our presence globally, and it opens up new opportunities for us to make a positive impact on the world through our Philanthropic activities around the Globe. So many exciting things to come with the Foundation, including some already well in flight.

The Solareum Foundations public ERC-20 wallet can be viewed on Etherscan at the 2 following links (same address):

~ 0x8f4bE90E98817B8737f53B84183a3725Cc7490dC

~ TheSolareumFoundation.eth 

January 7th: Testnet Layer 1, EVM, Status Revealed

Our Testnet status was unveiled on January 7th, marking a significant step forward in our development. This essential milestone allows us to fine-tune our platform and prepare for the Mainnet launch. We appreciate your continued support and patience as we work diligently to bring Solareum to the masses.

✅ - 3 second blocks

✅ - Significant throughput (tps)

✅ - WAF Testing to date - 100% error free

✅ - DEX Built & Deployed (for testing)

✅ - Current Block #: 724,24 - Testnet Explorer

Testnet Explorer

Testnet Faucet

Testnet Faucet

January 8th: Internal Layer 1 Mainnet Launched

On January 8th, we were thrilled to reveal we had launched Solareum Mainnet, internally. This major achievement brings us closer to our goal of delivering a sustainable and eco-friendly blockchain ecosystem. We are grateful for the unwavering dedication of our team. Reaching this milestone has been nothing short of awesome!

David & Corey might have "accidentally" slipped this into their video ... here is a better visual of the Solareum Bridge

Solareum Bridge - Mainnet Explorer

Mainnet Explorer

🔗 Mainnet Launch Date - On Track per Roadmap

January 15th: Testnet, Public Onboarding of Devs

Our Testnet Status is now live, and we have commenced the onboarding process for developers through our newly announced technical subsidiary Solareum Labs. This opens up opportunities for collaboration and the development of exciting projects within the Solareum ecosystem.

Gain immediate access to the Solareum Layer 1 Testnet, by applying today!


January 15th: Partnership with Print Mining

We were/are delighted to announce our partnership with Print Mining. This collaboration will further strengthen our commitment to environmentally responsible blockchain technology and sustainable practices. Print Mining uses Real World Assets (RWA) to mine cryptocurrency. There is strong synergy between both projects as Print Mining leverages significant renewable energy solutions today, and Solareum Inc. now has access to Prints decentralized physical infrastructure network.

Print Mining

January 16th: Partnership with Galileo Protocol

We are also very proud to have partnered with Galileo Protocol on January 16th. This partnership will enhance our RWA capabilities and expand our reach, bringing us one step closer to achieving our mission of a greener and more sustainable future.

Galileo Protocol

The partnership extends beyond profit ventures, with both entities committing to joint research and development projects. The focus is on implementing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives that contribute to environmental sustainability and luxury asset management.

January 24th: Solareum Comes to Carbon

Solareum is proud to be fully integrated with Carbon. Carbon browser is continually evolving, offering an eco-friendly way to browse the blockchain. They are committed to reducing your carbon footprint and providing innovative solutions for the blockchain community. Carbon have 367,000 active Twitter followers, who now all know about Solareum! 🔸 #Web3 browser with 7M+ users!

🔸 #SOLAREUM listed on Carbon’s dApp Store

🔸 $SRM listed on Carbon Wallet

🔸 #SRM listed on http://LDX.FI swap/bridge

January 24th: Discord Community Officially Launched

Our Discord Server is now officially Launched, and open to the Public !

🔗 Official Link to Join:

Having a dedicated Solareum Discord server offers benefits such as organized channels, voice and video calls, effective community moderation, integration with bots, and other user-friendly features. It will help us promote community building, developer engagement, and feedback collection while allowing for various events and activities. These advantages make Discord a valuable platform alongside our awesome Telegram Community.

 Solareum Discord

January 21-25th: Corey Successfully traverses NA

On Monday January 21st, Corey packed up his SUV with the "fam", to embark on a multi month adventure. They have successfully driven from the east coast (or best coast I call it) of Canada, to central Florida in only 4 days. A trip that was approx. 3600kms (2160 miles).

Working in a warmer climate during the winter months, will be a welcome change for them! With it also comes some very strategic business opportunities (more to come on this later).

Wrapping it Up .....

We have been very fortunate to have already been approached by Governments, Corporations, Private Equity, Investors, Developers, Individuals & Philanthropists showing interest in what we are doing here at Solareum Inc.. We take every meeting requested, to ensure we have every opportunity possible for Solareum to succeed.

The team has not lost sight of the incredible amount of work we have done, are curently doing, or what we have ahead of us. Our strategic alignments are a critical part of a successful future and we are investing significant time into cultivating relationships, in support of Solareums days ahead.

Simply put, we are looking very forward to what 2024 is going to bring, and believe we are setting up for a future that will be wildly successful.

Thank you everyone for your ongoing support. Together, we will change the face of blockchain technology through our amazing technologies.

Have an amazing day ahead!